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Wide range and high versatility
Polyester liquid-cycle pre-coated aluminium laminate manufactured with 3xxx series alloys; being extremely versatile the material is suitable for a number of applications.

Super-polyester, super-resistance
Super-polyester (HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene) liquid-cycle pre-coated aluminium laminate. It combines a wide range of colours with the resistance of guaranteed outdoor long-lasting coatings.


Wide range and high versatility
Pre-anodized aluminium laminate with natural and coloured finishes for a wide variety of applications.

For a product with contemporary reflections
Anodized aluminium on a support with a gloss finish that creates a semi-reflecting effect similar to the satin finishes of steel. Decorative sector and facade coatings. Full colour range available.

For a product with “steel-effect” finishes
Anodized aluminium on a support with brushed finish that creates a deep satin effect suitable for a wide variety of sectors. Full colour range available.

From the classic applications in the highway barrier sectors to the new architectural frontiers
Pre-drilled aluminium anodized in continuous mode that guarantees colour evenness and homogeneity and full protection to the anodic coating on the whole surface and inside the hole.