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Wide range and high versatility
Polyester liquid-cycle pre-coated aluminium laminate manufactured with 3xxx series alloys; being extremely versatile the material is suitable for a number of applications.

Super-polyester, super-resistance
Super-polyester (HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene) liquid-cycle pre-coated aluminium laminate. It combines a wide range of colours with the resistance of guaranteed outdoor long-lasting coatings.

Structured finishes for a better profiling
Structured polyamide liquid-cycle pre-coated aluminium laminate manufactured with a finish that makes the material particularly resistant to mechanical abrasion and suitable for profiling.

We value details
PVDF liquid-cycle pre-coated aluminium laminate up to 1.5 mm of thickness. It is intended for architectural applications, for the manufacturing of accessories and for door/window flashing. The homogeneity of the finish and the facade panels is guaranteed.

Aluminium for design and communication
Aluminium laminate pre-coated in liquid mode with polyurethane cycles specifically designed for screen printing and digital printing. It is available in a wide range of colours and levels of brightness.

No graffiti, clean facades.
Pre-coated aluminium laminate with a coating cycle that is specifically designed to enable the removal of wall graffiti with neutral solvents. Available in a wide range of colours finishes and levels of brightness.


The only Italian product laminated in continuous powder coated aluminium from 0.8 to 3mm
Thanks to the thicker paint film, the product offers better protection and very easy processing, perfect homogeneity of the finishes of the coated extruded profiles. Suitable for facades, construction accessories, doors and windows, billboarding and in general for press brake bending products.


Wide range and high versatility
Pre-anodised aluminium laminate with natural and coloured finishes for a wide variety of applications.

For a product with contemporary reflections
Anodised aluminium on a support with a gloss finish that creates a semi-reflecting effect similar to the satin finishes of steel. Decorative sector and facade coatings. Full colour range available.

For a product with “steel-effect” finishes
Anodised aluminium on a support with brushed finish that creates a deep satin effect suitable for a wide variety of sectors. Full colour range available.

Anodised aluminium laminate with finishes that assure maximum evenness for design and interior design applications (metal luggages, furniture and kitchens).

Ready to be transformed
The laminates are pre-anodised in continuous mode. The anodic bath makes the surface particularly reactive and therefore suited for subsequent processing, e.g. bonding, coating and welding.

Ideal product for corrugated sheets
Aluminium laminates anodised in continuous mode with a process that enables bending and profiling without affecting the features of the anodisation layer.
In particular, the continuous anodisation process ensures colour stability over time.